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Poems on Transit

So there is this guy who rides the bus with me sometimes who has some interesting thoughts that he likes to share out loud, with himself. I figured I would record him on my phone this morning then transcribe his rambling and put it in to poem form, below is the result. Some parts were too inaudible to make out they are represented with¬†ellipses. I call it, “The Dirt”

“The Dirt”¬†
The idea was mine
But I was playing games with them
I can float
Like a butterfly
Or float like a bee
I can stop their minds and score whenever I want
I do it for entertainment
When I was younger I had to entertain people
And making 20 dollar tips
So becoming Wayne Gretzky
Which is something that I really don’t mind
I am one away from
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5 songs I can’t stop listening to lately…

Sometimes music just comes in waves and this last month I’ve been hit by a Tsunami of fantastic new music

If you are reading this, you need to listen to all of these songs, right now.

SLEIGH BELLS – COMEBACK KID… if I am ever drunk and hear this song, I am scared as to what might happen

JACK WHITE – LOVE INTERRUPTION…this man is a genius and though I miss the White Stripes this is a very nice replacement
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Fuck Dub Step

Fuck Dub Step

London 2012

So they haven’t done a thing to curb the fact that their logo looks like Lisa Simpson giving Bart a blow job hey? Cool

Sidewalk Etiquette

Hey, I wrote a pretty funny article on “Sidewalk Etiquette” in Vancouver – but you have to go here to read it… don’t think, just do.

VancityBuzz Walking Etiquette

Also, listen to this song


Here are some pics I took during a recent trip to San Francisco that I kinda like


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